Charalambos Constandinou & Co. LLC

We challenge the legal system to thrive in our economy.

Here at Charalambos Constandinou & Co. LLC, we want you to be at peace. We handle each and every case separately, with profound caution. What matters to us more than anything are the client relations we have.

New Generation Law Firm

What we do best is communicate. We are proud to be able to understand our clients’ needs, communicate and tailor the best possible solution

We Care. We Serve

We Care. We Serve


The way forward for us, is through creating a solid relation with our clients while attending each case with powerful and yet creative new ways.


There is nothing more important to us than our clients’ trust. It is what made us who we are today, it is what our whole mentality is built on. We never compromise trust.


Our preeminent goal is not to present you with solutions that will only handle your legal disputes. Our goal is to give you opportunities that will strengthen your operations and help you discover new and more efficient ways to execute your procedures.


Our responsive network of connections consists of multinational multidisciplinary experts that can handle your case with extreme care and profound support.

Law Firm That Fight For Your Rights

In today’s world, legal complexities and new legislations place a heavy burden upon individuals and companies that seek to thrive. Strengthening your knowledge to be able to overcome such difficulties is our preeminent goal.